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One Less Day til Football Season, Post 1: Quarterback

As previously noted, it was a truly terrible call on my part starting a blog in mid-June, the exact dead point of any college's sports calendar, but I guess you could think about it as me having a...

One Less Day til Football Season, Post 3: Wide Receivers.

Another day another post. I wondered what I would do with myself with a job that gets off at 2 PM even though my friends generally don't get off until 5, and the answer is "start an overwhelmingly...

One Less Day til Football Season, Post 4: O-Line

Probably should start calling this "One Less Week" cuz of the frequency I've been doin em, but, hey.There's a line between being a football expert and being a guy who knows a lot about football. I,...

One Less Day Til Football Season, Post 5: Superbacks

Pat Fitzgerald calls them "super players who do super things." Every other college football in the nation "tight ends and fullbacks." I call them "the topic of today's post, cuz I've covered every...

1LDTFS, Post 7: Defensive End

Why did I do two seperate posts about the defensive line, but only one about the offensive? I wish I knew. Sorry bout the double standard, offensive linemen. Days Left Til Football: 46. (Woah,...

1LDTFS, Post 8: Linebackers.

Coming down the stretch of this series, which is a shame, because I clearly have nothing else to write about.Days Left Til Football: 44.Who did it last year?: On the outside, senior Prince Kwateng,...

1LDTFS, Post 9: Cornerbacks.

Sorry for the four or so day posting break - me and some of the boys went camping, no internet access out in the woods. Hopefully, the new poll on the right makes up for my time away. (Seriously,...

1LDTFS, Post 10: Safeties.

Woah, comments on my last three posts? I know that's pretty run-of-the-mill for any normal blog, but, yo, I just started this joint less than a month ago. Three comments on three posts from three...

1LDTFS, Post 11: Field Goals and the people associated with them.

Today's post is oddly titled, because it's really 1.5 posts. You see, we didn't just lose Amado Villarreal this year. We lost every possible human being associated with kicking field goals: the...

1LDTFS, Post 6: Defensive Tackle

Yeah, onto the D. Much less interesting to write/read about, so, sorry about that, but, hey, if you want me to write something about NU sports every day in the middle of the friggin summer, which...

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